An Introduction


So this is my blog. Typical.

Like every other young person of my generation I felt the need to start a blog and of course I finally get the balls to start it when I go abroad (très original).

But seriously, I’ve always wanted to start a blog, if not to become internet famous, then at least to save my antics for posterity. Or simply to exercise my writing skills and some day have some product to show to a future employer. The problem is, I never felt I was passionate enough about anything to dedicate a whole blog to it. I lacked direction, I still do. Most blogs have a central theme. There are fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, Bronie blogs, etc. What did I have an expertise on that I could write about for other people? Nothing. However, after moving to paris for a few months I finally decided, I don’t need a theme. I am a conflicted girl trying to make it day by day in multiple amazing cities-that should give me more than enough content.

In short, this is a blog about my life (yes, more originality). I decided if everyone and their internet famous cat has a their own blog I might as well throw mine into the mix.

Two things I know:

1.Very à la John Green, I will tell you right now, this won’t be frills and rainbows. I’m not one of those people who romanticizes everything and tries to see positivity through every awful situation. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work out. Life sucks sometimes, and I’ll be sure to write copiously about that. But of course, I’ll also write positive things because we can’t all be eternal pessimists right? In the end some cool things are bound to happen so I’ll make sure to take note.

2. This blog will change. Sometimes it will read like a diary, sometimes I might review a restaurant, maybe I’ll get really philosophical and start a revolution. Who knows? I have no clue what I’m doing (with this blog or anything else in my life) so bear with me.

I will try, and fail, to find myself, how to balance my life, the best way to fit into my current city and how to not strangle all the people around me. Basically, I will go about my day and report back on what I find worthy of introspection. I hope my daily struggles and success will be an interesting read for you.